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I'm Kata Racz. I've been in the same situation as you. I was expecting a baby and knew everything there was to know about pregnancy. I followed my baby's development week by week and eagerly awaited each ultrasound to see my little one grow. I was living a healthy lifestyle and didn't stress too much, so apart from a few minor inconveniences, everything was going really well and I was enjoying my pregnancy.

My preparations for the birth were simple. I wanted my husband to be there with me, and I wanted to give birth "naturally," without an epidural. That was all. But then my due date came and went. My OB suggested inducing labor because I wasn't so young anymore (40 yrs) and there were some risks involved, especially considering that the baby was already 3.5 kg... I didn't really ask about the risks or reasons behind it. I just thought that the doctor knew best. Following the induction protocol, I went to the hospital in the evening, where they placed a balloon in my cervix along with some ripening gel, and then we waited.

To be honest, nothing much happened. I was quite surprised when I was called the next morning to the labor and delivery unit. I even brought my book with me. The midwife kindly informed me that she would rupture my amniotic sac. "Sure, go ahead." But after that, there was no room for smiles! The rupture of the membranes immediately triggered intense contractions out of nowhere. Since my little Alma hadn't taken the correct birth position yet, the back of her head was against my spine, causing excruciating back pain even between contractions. Well, after experiencing a few of those, I threw all my plans for a natural birth out the window. I was trembling and anxiously waiting for the anesthesiologist to come and give me an epidural...

Birth of Alma: a naiv birth

The epidural made me incredibly drowsy, and I ended up falling asleep in the middle of the day while my daughter was being born! The contractions started to fade, so I was given Pitocin to help things progress. After a couple of hours, my OB showed up wearing a full HazMat suit (I couldn't help but wonder if there would be blood everywhere!). He instructed me to push, but I was clueless. Where and how should I push? After a few attempts, he brought out his scissors and the vacuum extractor...and that's how my little Alma entered the world! The feeling was indescribable—the most amazing moment of my life! However, instead of the expected weight of 3.5 kg, she was a tiny skinny baby weighing only 2.8 kg. But in my eyes, she was the most beautiful baby in the world...

Her first feeding wasn't my milk but some paracetamol syrup, as the vacuum extraction is painful for the baby. Eventually, she managed to latch on, and our joyful breastfeeding journey began. Thankfully, I had prepared myself and educated myself about breastfeeding, so I could confidently handle the well-intentioned but outdated and sometimes silly advice from relatives, friends, and even the medical staff...

Alma's birth wasn't traumatic at all. Everyone treated us kindly, and there was a loving atmosphere throughout. However, my mind was constantly preoccupied with thoughts about the birth. I was disappointed in myself. I, Kata Rácz, the tough girl who had run a half marathon and swam long distances, couldn't give birth without pain relief? Somehow, I felt like something was wrong...

Three years later, I saw two stripes on the pregnancy test once again. This time, I was 43 years old. I knew that I didn't want to go through a similar birth experience again. I also realized that I knew very little about childbirth and if I continued to remain ignorant, it would simply happen to me again, even with a loving atmosphere. So I made a decision to educate myself. Seriously. Thoroughly.

Birth of Virag: a conscious birth

When my OB suggested another induction on my due date, I was prepared to ask questions. Since there were no warning signs and the only reason he mentioned was my age, I declined. Finally, my little Virág knocked on the door early one morning at the end of the 41st week. I didn't wake up my husband at first because it didn't seem too serious. We had breakfast together and then went for a leisurely walk. I even had time to prepare lunch. We sat down and enjoyed our meal. (Meanwhile, my mom on the phone: "OMG, why haven't you gone to the hospital yet?" My sister on the phone: "Don't be silly, you should already be at the hospital by now!"). In the afternoon, I took a short nap. Afterward, I washed Alma's hair, although I had to lean on the sink quite frequently due to contractions.

When we arrived at the hospital, I was already 6 cm dilated, and I was immediately admitted to the labor and delivery unit. Thank goodness it was a super busy day in the maternity ward, so the midwife only saw me when we first got there. Other than that, we were left alone. It was such a fantastic experience. We were calm and confident, and my husband supported me wholeheartedly and efficiently. When it was time for the baby to come out, he dashed to the corridor to find someone to assist us. And just a few minutes later, Virag arrived peacefully and healthy, weighing almost 4 kg. It was a birth without any interventions, completely natural and beautiful—the way Nature intended it and how our bodies are designed to give birth.

The birth of Virag wasn't just a positive experience; it was an empowering event that gave me strength for the rest of my life. It boosted my self-confidence and had a profound impact on me. It even led me to step away from the corporate world because I realized that birth is my true calling. I certified as a doula with DONA International and started supporting parents during their birth. However, I came to the realization that while doulas can provide valuable support, a crucial aspect of having a positive childbirth experience lies in the preparedness of the parents themselves. And that's where I can help you with the Own your birth! online course! As a certified Lamaze childbirth educator, I can help reduce your fears, challenge your perceptions, and ensure that your birth isn't just a routine hospital delivery, but the most significant and beautiful memory of your life shaped by your conscious decisions that align with your preferences!

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