Table of Content

Chapter 1: Embracing the miracle (physiologic birth)

Dance of the hormones // How and when labor begins // Really hard work... // On the road to be born // The golden hours after birth

Chapter 2: Babies need to be delivered? (interventions)

Inducing labor // Hospital (bad) habits // It's time to speed up // To cut or not to cut? // Pain medication // Avalanche in the delivery room

Chapter 3: Beyond the textbook: variations and complications

Lack of progress // OMG the heart rate! // Non-efficient pushing, exhaustion // All you need to know about cesarean birth // Real complications // Cesarean procedure

Chapter 4: Embrace the challenge and harness the pain!

How much pain is giving birth? // The 3R's of labor // Let's make it easier! (pain management techniques and strategies) // Manual techniques // Labor positions // Honey, please help! // Giving birth with a doula

Chapter 5: Own your birth! 

Birth as an experience // How to create your birth plan // How to make decisions and how to advocate // Choosing your birth setting and birth team

Chapter 6: When things are more complicated...

35+..Am I too old for this? // OMG! Twins! // Upside down please! (breech babies, breech birth) // VBAC: Vaginal birth after a cesarean // Rainbow baby on board! IVF Baby on board! 

Chapter 1: You became a parent!

Your body... // Your soul: baby blues // Warning signs of PPD // Your family // Your life as a parent 

Chapter 2: Breastfeeding is fun!

Why to breastfeed  // How your breasts are working // Breastfeeding basics // Three steps to success // All beginnings are difficult // The Kama Sutra of breastfeeding // Is the baby eating enough? // Dad, please help! // Misconceptions about breastfeeding // Troubleshooting and solutions


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