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Kata Racz


Hi, my name is Kata Racz. I am a doula, childbirth educator, mother, and YouTuber. Through the 'Own your birth!' program, I am helping you in making informed decisions about your birth and breastfeeding journey, so that these major events in your life are not merely happening to you but you are shaping them according to your unique preferences and values.

I've been in your shoes too...


I was expecting a baby, and I knew everything about pregnancy. I followed the baby's development week by week and couldn't wait for the next ultrasound to see how much my little bundle had grown. I lived a healthy lifestyle, stress-free – so everything related to pregnancy was going great, and the anticipation of welcoming my baby was truly joyful and uplifting... For my first birth, I wanted a 'natural' delivery and of course, I wanted my husband to be there too. I had heard about childbirth preparation courses, but I thought they were only for those who were really afraid of the whole thing. I wasn't scared of childbirth, I had confidence in myself. After all, I had seen animals giving birth, and I thought if they could do it, surely I could too! So, that was the extent of my preparation!

Then, the day came that I was due. My doctor said we should induce labor because I was no longer so young, and there were risks, plus the baby was already 3.5 kilograms... I didn't ask many questions; I thought the doctor knows best!

Oh, how naive I was! So, I calmly checked into the hospital in the evening, balloon, ripening gel, and we waited. Nothing happened. I was quite surprised when they called me to the delivery room the next morning. I even brought my book with me. The midwife kindly said she would break my water. Sure, go ahead... Well, from this point on, I didn't smile much... The breaking of the water triggered such strong contractions out of nowhere that I couldn't even spit or swallow. Furthermore, since my little Alma hadn't taken the birthing position yet - I only found out later - her head constantly pressed against my spine, causing excruciating back pain that didn't subside even between contractions. After a couple of contractions, I quickly threw away all my plans of having a natural birth without epidural... and anxiously waited for the anesthesiologist.

From a healthy pregnancy to an avalanche of interventions...


Because of the epirudal, I fell asleep. In broad daylight. During labor. The contractions stopped, and I was given Pitocin.Then, a few hours later, my doctor arrived in a hazmat suit (Goodness gracious! Is there really going to be that much blood splattering?) and told me to push. Oh, really? But what should I push? And where? After a few attempts, they brought out the scissors and vacuum... and my little Alma arrived. The feeling was incredible. However, instead of the expected 3.5 kilograms, they placed a 2.8-kilogram bundle of bones and skin on my belly, who, of course, was the most beautiful newborn in the world to me!

Is childbirth really like this?


The birth of Alma wasn't traumatic at all. Everyone was kind and surrounded me with a loving atmosphere. Yet, something kept lingering inside me regarding the childbirth experience. I was disappointed in myself, thinking, 'Am I, Kata Racz, the tough girl who ran half marathons and participated in long distance swimming competitions, unable to give birth without pain relief?' I felt like something was not right.

Three years later, the stork visited again. I was 43 years old, and I knew I didn't want another birth like that. I realized that I knew nothing about birth! And if I continued to know nothing, events would just happen to me, regardless of the supportive environment. So, I started educating myself. Seriously. Thoroughly. I delved into the internet, books, and research...

After reaching the 40th week, my doctor once again suggested induction, but this time, I could inquire about the reasons behind it... and when, apart from my age and the past due date, there were no significant reasons provided, I said no. Finally, towards the end of the 41st week, on an early Sunday morning, Virag knocked on the door...I didn't wake up my husband yet; the situation wasn't too 'serious.' We had breakfast together. We went for a walk. I prepared lunch. We ate together. (My mom on the phone: Why haven't you gone to the hospital yet? My sister on the phone: Don't be silly, you should have been at the hospital already). In the afternoon, I lay down. I dozed off. I washed Alma's hair, although I increasingly had to hold onto the sink in the bathroom.


Birth is an experience!


Upon arriving at the hospital, we were immediately admitted to the delivery room. Luckily, it was a busy day, so it was just the two of us, my husband and me. We both remained calm, and my husband provided amazing support. When I felt that the baby was really coming, my husband rushed out into the hallway to fetch someone. Shortly after, Virag arrived. Undisturbed, without interventions, naturally and it was a wonderful experience. Just the way our innate wisdom knows how to give birth.

Virag's birth was not only a positive experience but also a life-changing journey that continues to guide me through challenges. It provided me with confidence and strength that has a lasting impact on my entire life. This experience redirected me from the rat race of the corporate world and made me realize that my true vocation is childbirth...

I first completed doula training and obtained certification from DONA International. However, I soon realized that although I could provide significant support as a doula during childbirth, one of the most crucial building blocks of the birth experience is the preparedness of the parents. To further enhance my effectiveness and versatility in assisting expectant parents in their preparation, I became certified as a childbirth educator by Lamaze International. I have created the Own your birth! online education program, which helps you transform your birth experience from a mere 'delivery' into the most beautiful celebration of your life, empowering you to make conscious and informed decisions.


Comprehensive childbirth preparation program to help you make conscious and informed decisions about childbirth and breastfeeding, ensuring that your birth is not just a routine hospital event but the most uplifting celebration of your life!

How does the Own your birth! course helps your journey?


Informed decision-making

To take control of your birth, you need credible information. The goal is not to turn you into a physician, but to equip you with much more knowledge about childbirth than the average person! That's why the course goes beyond exploring what birth is truly like and delves into detailed discussions about obstetric interventions, pain relief options, complications, and cesarean birth.


Confidence and self-assurance

Most of our fears surrounding childbirth stem from the unknown. Television and media portray a distorted image, but when you discover how wonderfully your body functions and the amazing processes that guide the miracle of birth, when you know what to expect and don't get scared by the accompanying phenomena of birth, your fears transform into healthy curiosity. You'll prepare for birth happily, confidently, and with self-assurance!


Effective pain management

Understanding how your body works and the behavior of labor pain will help you explore alternatives beyond epidural anesthesia. The course introduces you to truly effective pain relief techniques that you can practice with your partner before the big day. If your partner is also prepared and aware about the reality of birth, he or she can provide effective support and be a nurturing presence during labor..



It is true that your birth experience greatly depends on your provider, as hospital procedures and (bad) practices do exist. However, if you're unaware of their purposes, risks, alternatives, and how a "normal" birth should unfold, events will simply happen without your active participation. By learning basic communication techniques in the course, you can ensure that your interests, your baby's interests, and your own values and preferences are truly taken into account.


Successful breastfeeding

Breastfeeding can be a true source of joy or a stressful challenge. It's not because our bodies do not function "correctly" but because common myths and misconceptions surrounding breastfeeding prevail, formula options flood the market, and many hospitals don't provide adequate support for breastfeeding. The course equips you with modern and reliable information to navigate through obstacles, ensuring that breastfeeding becomes an uplifting and happy experience for both you and your baby, as well as your entire family!

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The Own your birth! course is made for you, if:

How does the Own your birth! course stand out from others?

Credible and High-Quality

My Lamaze childbirth educator credentials and my doula experience ensure that the course provides you with trustworthy, evidence-based information that you can rely on.

Life-time Access

Enjoy unlimited access , allowing you to learn at your pace, without any time constraints. What's more, you can revisit the material, even years later, to refresh your knowledge for the arrival of future siblings!

Interactive Experience

Despite being fully online, the course provides an interactive learning environment where you can actively engage by posting questions and comments after each lesson. I personally respond to them, ensuring you're never alone on your learning journey!

Self Paced

You have the freedom to learn without the need to travel or adhere to someone else's schedule, at your own tempo, wherever and whenever it suits you – even from the comfort of your own armchair. All you need is a smartphone, tablet, or laptop to get started!

So, What's the Cost?

Occasionally, I offer private in-person classes to expecting parents, but due to my limited availability, the price is set quite high at around 500 dollars. However, to provide an affordable yet comprehensive alternative, I've created the Own your birth! online childbirth education program just for you. This program empowers you to shape your childbirth and breastfeeding journey through conscious and well-informed decisions, and the best part is, it's available at the affordable price of only $159.

Don't let your birth be driven by pure chance! 

Take control and start preparing now for birth and breastfeeding. Join the Own your birth! program for only $159 and empower yourself with the knowledge and tools you need. Click here to get started!

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Don't Forget: It's Completely Risk-Free!

Ready to give it a try? Don't overthink it, just sign up today and start the course. And remember, you have nothing to lose because I offer a 30-day full Money-Back Guarantee. My priority is to help you and other parents-to-be to prepare for birth and to enable you to make confident, truly informed decisions shaping your birth journey! If you feel the course doesn't meet these objectives or if you simply don't like it, just send me an email and I'll refund you the full price you have paid. No questions asked, no hard feelings!

What else is included in the Own your birth! course?


Downloadable Workbooks

I have created a print ready pdf workbooks for both Part 1 and Part 2 of the course. They contain the complete course material, birth stories, interesting documents, exercises, and review questions to help solidify your knowledge and make it more practical and interesting!

Labor and Delivery Room Cheat Sheet

This is a two sided print-ready  pdf, with one side summarizing pain relief techniques and the other side covering labor and pushing positions. If you print this out and take it with you to the labor room, your partner will be able to support you even more effectively, even if he happens to forget some of the things he learned during the course due to the excitement of birth!

Downloadable Relaxation Tracks

These audio tracks are designed to help you practice and deepen your relaxation skills. Conscious relaxation will alleviate your fears and make your pregnancy easier, but it will also come in handy during labor! If you can relax yourself, you can also tame the pain! And if you bring these tracks with you during labor, I'll be there with you in spirit...

Birth Affirmation Cards

Also a hypnobirthing element, this technique will help you overcome fears and manage pain. You can print out these aesthetically designed cards and use them to recite affirmations daily. The course includes 20 cards.


I have also included attachments with birth stories, external references, and guidelines to make your learning experience even more interesting and enjoyable. They will further expand your knowledge about childbirth and breastfeeding!

Oh, and the bonuses!!!


Bonus 1: Fear-Clearance Workshop

In this half an hour video lesson, I will teach you three effective techniques to alleviate your fears, manage stress, and transform unpleasant emotions into positive thoughts. These three methods are also part of the hypnobirthing approach, helping to boost your self-confidence and prepare for birth with healthy excitement instead of fear.

Bonus 2: Birth Easier!

This is a separate course where I will teach you movements that help bring balance to your body, making the journey of your baby into the world - that is, your birth - easier. It covers not only movement but gives useful and easy-to-implement tips for your daily routines to prepare your body for the big day!

Bonus 3: Personal Consultation

Would you like to discuss your birth plan with an expert? Or do you have a few more questions as your due date approaches? Perhaps you would simply enjoy a conversation about birth or breastfeeding? Now, as part of the course, you also receive a one-time, 45-minute personal consultation (via Zoom) with me free of charge!

Don't let your birth be driven by pure chance! 

Take control and start preparing now for birth and breastfeeding. Join the Own your birth! program for only $159 and empower yourself with the knowledge and tools you need. 


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Once you've completed the payment, you'll receive an email with your login credentials. Simply log in and you can start your preparation for birth, breastfeeding, and the postpartum period right away. Oh, and I almost forgot! Payment is super easy. You can use Stripe (with any valid debit or credit card) or PayPal.

Not interested in the bonuses?

Do you specifically want to prepare for childbirth but already know everything about post partum and breastfeeding because you're expecting your second baby - or for any other reason, this part doesn't interest you? Then the Own your birth! Basic Bundle is perfect for you, available for only $119!

What's included in the Basic Bundle?

  • Part 1 of the Own your birth! course: the complete childbirth preparation course with all the accompanying attachments
  • Downloadable and print ready workbook for Part 1 of the Own your birth! course
  • Labor and Delivery Room Cheat Sheet for your partner to provide even more effective support during childbirth
  • A shorter (10 minutes) and a longer (30 minutes) relaxation track that you can even download onto your phone. By practicing relaxation, you can make your pregnancy more pleasant and learn to cope with the sensations during labor
  • 20 printable, aesthetically designed birth affirmation cards to convey positive messages about birth to your unconscious mind.

What's NOT included in the Basic Bundle?

  • Part 2 of the Own your birth! course, which prepares you for the postpartum period and breastfeeding
  • Workbook for Part 2 of the Own your birth! course
  • Fear Clearance Workshop
  • Birth Easier! video course to realign and rebalance your body for a smoother birth 
  • 45-minute personal consultation

The Choice is Yours!

Select the course bundle which is best fitting to your needs!

Basic Bundle


  • Own your birth! Part 1 - online childbirth preparation program with ca.12 hours of videos
  • 100+ pages workbook to Part 1
  • L&D Cheat Sheet with comfort measures and labor positions
  • 20 birth affirmation cards
  • relaxation tracks

    Own your birth! Part 2 - online breastfeeding and postpartum preparation program with ca. 4 hours of videos

    40+ pages workbook to Part 2

    BONUS1: fear clearance video workshop

    BONUS2: Birth easier! a video course to rebalance your body for birth

    BONUS3: one time personal consultation via Zoom

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Platinum Bundle


  • Own your birth! Part 1 - online childbirth preparation program with ca.12 hours of videos
  • 100+ pages workbook to Part 1
  • L&D Cheat Sheet with comfort measures and labor positions
  • 20 birth affirmation cards
  • relaxation tracks
  • Own your birth! Part 2 - online breastfeeding and postpartum preparation program with ca. 4 hours of videos
  • 40+ pages workbook to Part 2
  • BONUS1: fear clearance video workshop
  • BONUS2: Birth easier! a video course to rebalance your body for birth
  • BONUS3: one time personal consultation via Zoom
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